Movie Review: Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America (5 Stars out of 5!)

Monday night I was able to attend the Hollywood red carpet premier of  Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, “Hillary’s America”.

I was completely blown away.

In a speech before his film began, Dinesh described it as a horror film.  He is so not kidding.

I’ve seen all of D’Souza’s other films and while they were terrific, none can match the brilliance of this one. In every way. The production, including graphics, were outstanding, and the soundtrack – seriously, I would see it again for the music alone!  It was phenomenal. D’Souza’s wife’s singing of “God Bless America” was beyond spectacular.  And the Gatlin Brothers wrote and performed a song just for this movie.

But the movie itself, from start to finish, and the story it told, is something everyone – EVERYONE – should see. Everyone. Those on the right of course, but also I challenge anyone on the left to tell me what he got wrong. Because, to me, what Dinesh did, as he always does, was TELL THE TRUTH, a truth that the left has so cunningly subverted and distorted.