More Canadian cops than ever are using medical marijuana

rcmpMedical marijuana use is taking root in Canada’s federal police force.

Over the last year, the number of active and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who got reimbursed for their marijuana prescriptions has more than doubled.


  • Jay Currie

    Perfect… Another piece for my factoid file… My publicist thanks you.

  • Gary

    They lower the standards to get more Diversity in the Force but the reality kicks in to cause high stress because the recruitment Poster had happy smiling Officers getting $90,000.00 that did Parade duty or Street festival duty as they danced.

    Suddenly that fragile sub-par Office fresh out of College is now at a Car accident to look and a headless child her mother with no face left, then goes to a home to see child-abuse in a domestic Call which is topped off by a Suicide with a rope or shot gun to the head.

    The Toronto Cops now have the highest rates ever for LTD claims from stress and it affecting mainly women that have PTSD .
    Gee, I wonder what bigot and idiot in the past only wanted men over 25 and at least 5 foot 10″ to deal with criminals or drunks by them self for his physical presence to defuse a problem.

    Thanks to Barbara Hall , now shorty young Mothers at 21 and 5 foot 5″ can get beat-up by thugs or see other mothers children covered in bruises or with broken arms from a violence parent .
    Everyone is equal , so why not let women Cops show how they aren’t bothered when seeing a headless suicide victims, dead babies in a car crash, drugged up son beating the crap out of his mother, baby tossed down a flight of stairs, honour killings , rape gangs , kiddie porn by Ben Levin in his PC .

    Barbara Hall got her fat pay cheque and golden hand shake while never once seeing a drop of blood or a bruise on a child.

    Next comes the Fire Fighters when women get it and see lifeless burned babies on the floor next to the charred mother that crawled to a door for air for the baby .
    Yes folks, Progressive are going to have majority of female First Responders for Cops, EMT, para-medic and Fire Fighters on LTD for PTSD to bankrupt Cities and stress out the males expected to carry the load for the women on LTD or to hire another female to fill in until she goes on LTD.
    The STATS for female cops in Toronto shows that they have a 90% rate for a Back-up call where the male Cops are sent in to help while the males for the same calls are below 30% and have been around that for decades or even lower at times in the past .

    The media and the CRTC have rules for not displaying graphic images or videos because of the possible trauma to weak people , but those same weak people can be a cop expecting to do parade duty and give out speeding tickets for their $90,000.00 a year.
    What the hell did they think would happen when you take women and throw them into the filth and gore on humanity in the City. Wives of Cops suffer stress as it is when their little daughter has to be told that daddy isn’t coming home any more because he was shot in Dallas by an oppressed Black racist that hates whites and wanted to kill white cops.
    The Police budget for Toronto would not shock me if we found out the 20%
    of it was Diversity jobs for Officers that aren’t really needed but filled a Quota target for minorities while the real Cops risked their lives for the same pay as the snow flakes.

  • ntt1

    I am not surprised our local detachment seems to consist of weedy little manginas and barge bummed dykes.. pot abuse would not at all be out of place.

  • Clink9

    We are desperate for a BCF Bob Marley/RCMP graphic.