Donald Trump: ‘It’s only getting worse’

Donald Trump seized on the latest terrorist atrocity in France warning the threat was worsening as he cancelled plans to announce his presidential running mate.

Once again he turned to Twitter to get his message across to his 9.72 million followers.

Mr Trump, who has been repeatedly outspoken over what he believes has been the west’s weak response terror, asked his supporters “When will we ever learn?”

Trump on Nice

  • Jay Currie

    Front page Daily Mail and no snark. Trump gets it.

  • BillyHW

    Donald Trump is right.

  • Gary

    Hillary was on the show as well and went in to damage control to claim the she and Obama have been fighting islamic terrorism and have bombed ISIS to weaken them .
    But get this, in the phone call appearance on audio she now wants to ban Muslims from getting on planes in Europe to fly to the USA when they finally get a deal with those Nation to give the USA the Passenger lists to do checks for muslim jihadists to stop them from getting of the plane.

    Watch how she spins this one and claims that she didn’t say that every muslims could come to the USA . Why vote for her if she is using Trumps platform and is a know liar that get money from Homophobic OPEC nations that also flogs women and murders gays.
    Good old crooked Hillary, she was against something until she was for it. Lets see if the media reports what I heard her say about banning SOME muslims after hse attacked Trump wanting to ban SOME muslims from pro-sharia islamic hell holes like pakistan.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Mr king is right but before he becomes president he should clean his own house first , if he did any mistakes on fraud pay for it and and show his people he is honest with nothing but the truth.

  • andycanuck

    Let’s hope they’re retooling to make retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn his running mate instead of the presumed Pence. I didn’t read/watch the link (if there was one) but apparently he gave an interview in the past couple of days attacking Islamic terror outright without any weasel words.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Pence would be a good running mate. Flynn would be a good secretary of defense.