Coulter: Hillary Honors Dead Cops

Hillary would not stop lecturing the police for their lack of sensitivity.

The day after a racist monster shot 12 white policemen in Dallas, murdering five of them, in the worst mass shooting of policemen in history, Hillary Clinton went on Wolf Blitzer’s show and blamed the cops.

Asked what she would do to stop police from being targeted for murder, she said: “Remember that, just 24 hours before, we had a killing, with the loss of life in Baton Rouge, in Minneapolis.” As president, she said, she would “have national guidelines about the use of force by police, especially deadly force.”

She couldn’t take ONE DAY to talk about the cops who were murdered in Dallas?

  • Gary

    National Guidelines .

    Translation : Gestapo street thugs rule from DC .

  • V10_Rob

    “It’d be a terrible shame if we had an ongoing rash of police assassinations that justified us federalizing all police services in order to… address the… do something about… tackle the…

    I dunno, we’ll figure that part out afterwards.”

  • canminuteman

    Do what BLM claims they want. Withdraw from black neighbouhoods. With the help of armed local posses the police can keep the rest of us safe.

  • DVult

    10 thick phonebooks of regulations which boil down to restricted rules of engagement for cops so that any use of guns against anyone for any purpose results in the police being prosecuted and jailed.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hillary still doesn’t get it, that what goes around comes around.

  • lolwut?