Can there BE a parody of legacy media?

A friend writes to say,

The tabloid Journal de Montréal is seeking an injunction against the satirical website of the Journal de Mourréal (“Mourréal” being the lowbrow pronunciation of “Montréal”). The Journal de Montréal’s lawyers claim that the parody, which uses a similar graphic presentation, creates “confusion” among its 1.5-to-3.0 million monthly visitors and 96,000 Facebook subscribers as to which site they are consulting. They also claim that its “potentially offensive” content “depreciates the brand image” of the real daily, and that Mourréal’s owner, Janick Murray-Hall, should turn over his revenues since he “illegally profits from the notoriety” of the original paper.

The media reporting about the injunction gleefully took the opportunity to quote or reproduce many headlines of the humour publication, including a picture of Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair kissing each other to denounce homophobia after the Orlando tragedy.

It looks like the uproar is mainly being conducted in French:

La Presse

Le Devoir

Metro Montreal

The tax-funded public broadcaster

These are really old media problems. The people who have the time for them deserve each other.