Trump takes lead in key battleground states

After a month of polling behind his likely Democratic opponent, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has surged past former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a series of recent battleground state polls.

Boosted by terror fears and renewed concerns over the controversial Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of five police officers by a black gunman, Trump now leads Clinton in four key battleground states.

According to a Monmouth poll published on Tuesday, the former television reality star leads Clinton by two points, 44 to 42, in Iowa. A largely white, Midwestern state, Iowa has voted Republican only once in the past 30 years, narrowly favoring George W. Bush in his 2004 re-election bid against John Kerry. With Trump’s appeal to blue collar whites, however, the state could serve as an important bellweather in this election.

Aside from the anxieties over terrorism and what many voters perceive as a worsening racial divide, Trump appears to have benefited from the recent decision not to prosecute Clinton over her use of a private email server to handle classified government documents.