Italian mayor shuts offices after mass arrests for absenteeism

The mayor of a small town outside Naples had to shut down most municipal offices after police arrested 23 of his staff on Tuesday in the latest revelations of absenteeism in Italy’s public sector.

Police arrested around half of all employees in the town hall offices of Boscotrecase following a weeks-long investigation which they said revealed 200 cases of absenteeism involving 30 people.

  • infedel

    Are they not showing up because of illegal invaders jeopardize their jobs with calls of racism by the EU, MSM, UN, sjw or are the illegal invaders invading because they do not show up and do their jobs. In my book send back illegal invaders and try the politicians for treason and fire the slacker bureaucrats.

  • The Butterfly

    Bureaucrat isn’t a real job. Fire them all.

  • UCSPanther

    Sounds like a case of fraud. What these staff were doing is akin to falsifying a time sheet.

    • tom_billesley

      Some of them are probably “ghost” employees.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    Nothing to see here – It happens with any union dominated staff –

  • simus1

    Nothing shocking. Nothing new.
    Speaking of the possible upcoming mail strike:
    There was a real mail strike in Canada back in the days when the marxists were feeling extra frisky. In Metro Toronto elaborate alternate plans were made for getting welfare cheques into the hands of needy, starving supplicants at various large convenient to the public locations. The great day arrived and much to the consternation of the leftist media and high level welfare industry poo-bahs on hand as cheerleaders, well over 60% of the cheques found no takers. The most common demographic on hand for pick up seemed to be elderly gents of shabby habile in taxis packed to overflowing with empty beer bottles in 2-4 cartons.
    A few of the most scammy no shows were kicked off welfare to appease the honest people footing the bill but by and large the ” RUg, standard, shit to be swept under” process kept things on track.
    Today, direct deposit has removed such embarrassing possibilities breaking forth in the public square..