Europe will submit to radical Islam – Hedonism is not a value to die for.

Tom Hoopes has been the executive editor of the National Catholic Reporter for ten years. He is a well known US catholic intellectual. He just wrote a short essay for Crisis magazine in which he enlightened readers on the similarities between Western secularists and Islamists.

“At first glance, the two foes’ attitudes toward sex look utterly different,” Mr. Hoopes wrote. The Western loose attitude toward sexuality is one of the signs of decadence enraging Islamists. “But dig a little deeper and the picture starts to change”. Both are obsessed with sexuality.

  • Adam

    I think it’s highly likely that young ethnic Europeans will have had enough at some point, and will leave. As to where they’ll go, there aren’t that many “civilized” places that are free from the Islamic menace, although the Muslim population in the US is still quite small.

    • North America is yet a haven, let’s hope Trump is elected.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Soccer hooligans are a consequence of not having a war to fight.
      Just wait until they have something else to focus on.

  • Post-modern Western views on sexuality are not that different from Islamist views. Neither are healthy. Gratification is all that is required. There is nothing important about the act itself or its consequences. In this, the two sides truly do mirror one another.

  • Dana Garcia

    What about freedom? These multiculturalists should vacation in Riyadh and check out the street beheadings.

    People in the West are too used to civilized norms of society to imagine how barbaric cultures function.

    Frontline’s doc on Saudi is worth a look:

    • Linda1000

      I enjoyed that video, thanks. Very informative and it’s hard to get a look at the closed Islamic countries.

  • andycanuck

    Does “Extrawurste” mean “extra sausage”?