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U.S._intel_warns_ISIS_not_desperate,_just_adapting_-_CNNPolitics.com_-_2016-07-12_16.17.09U.S. intel warns: ISIS not desperate, just ‘adapting’

The senior official said ISIS is expected to continue going after so-called soft targets such as airports and shopping areas.

“It’s not a sign of weakness or desperation. They are adapting in a different way,” the official said.

In May, a recording released online, purportedly from ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, urged followers to carry out attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ended a week ago. The roughly half-hour message in Arabic acknowledged losses against the anti-ISIS coalition but asserted the jihadist group would prevail in the long run.

bruce-rauner-759Sharia: Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council

A Muslim council sanctioned by the government? For what? To insure that we adhere to sharia restrictions? To punish those of us, like me, who refuse to adhere to sharia law and its crushing speech laws? Why a Muslim council? Where’s the Hindu council, Jewish council, Pagan council, Church of Scientology council, Christian council?

This is a violation of the Establishment Clause. Freedom-loving Illinois residents should file a class action suit as soon as this passes.

This is how far and how deep Islamic supremacists and their running dogs on the left have infiltrated the senior levels of state and federal government.

pakistan terrorist victims' famliesPolice in Pakistan hunt Christian accused of blasphemy for online poem

A Christian man in Pakistan, accused of sending a poem online that insults Islam, is being hunted by police on charges of blasphemy, which is a capital crime in the Muslim-majority country of 180 million. The man allegedly sent the poem to a Muslim friend, who publicly denounced him to authorities. The accused, a villager in his 30s identified as Nadeem or Nasim James, is reportedly hiding from police and his relatives have been taken into “protective custody” amid tensions in their Christian community in Punjab Province, according to Pakistani media reports.

mateenReport: Orlando Terrorist Posted Pro-ISIS Facebook Message ‘Moments Before Attack’

CBS reports that the Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen posted a pro-ISIS message on Facebook just “moments before” the attack.

“You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic State vengeance [sic],” part of the message reads.

Still not Islamic terrorism though.

Southeast-Asia-and-escalating-ISIS-threat-in-the-regionSoutheast Asia and escalating ISIS threat in the region

Since videos of Southeast Asian recruits fighting under the black flag of ISIS emerged two years ago, the appeal of the terror group has been gradually growing in the region.

Several militant groups in Indonesia have already sworn fealty to ISIS, as did those behind the Jakarta bombing, while in Malaysia, “lone wolf” ISIS sympathizers have been active on social media. Several hundred Southeast Asians are now in Syria and Iraq, where they have formed Katibah Nusantara, which claims to represent Southeast Asians fighting for the ISIS cause.

An upsurge in ISIS-related activity in the southern Philippines has heightened concerns that the region could soon become a de facto “wilayat,” or province of the “Islamic State.”

migrants in europeAlmost 60% of Europeans link terrorism to refugee influx

While Hungarians and Poles are most likely to express concern over security challenges refugees pose to their countries, they also have less favorable attitude to the Muslims living in their countries along with Italy and Greece. A total of 72 percent of Hungarians, 69 percent of Italians, 66 and 65 percent of Poles and Greeks respectively held an unfavorable view of Muslim residents of their countries. However, less than one-third of French, Germans and Brits shared that attitude.

A Pew Research Center survey, published on Monday, showed that majority of people polled in 10 European countries, which account for 80 percent of the EU population, seem to have mistrust towards refugees.

Islamophobia-In-America-Muslim-organisations-alleged-that-California-textbooks-is-injecting-Islamophobic-content-IndialivetodayIslamophobia In America : Muslim organisations alleged that California textbooks is injecting “Islamophobic content”

“The injection of Islamophobic content into the teacher’s manuals would inflame how student discussions are framed. Students, teachers, and communities all suffer when the content is rigged to cause disruption,” the top Muslim American group said in a letter to California State Board of Education which is in final stages of revising and updating the K-12 History-Social Science Framework for public schools.

“The bombardment of prejudicial ideas, from media outlets to candidates in the Presidential election primaries has left no one immune. Even the educators our children look up to are impacted by the hateful discourse,” the letter told the California Board which is considered to be very influential as its textbooks are followed and adopted in several US states.

muzratimam-1050x525U.S. Imam: “Muslims Have The right To Take The Property Of filthy Christians And Jews”

Meet Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi. He’s not some crazy Imam in the Middle East. He’s a college professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, who was described by New York Times Magazine as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

In lectures to students at this American college, he blasts those in his class as being filthy and impure. He then steps up his vitriolic diatribes, by tearing into Christians, where he compares them to feces and urine, saying they are the “most evil of evils.” He then instructs his students that they should engage in jihad and fight all unbelievers until they convert to Islam, and that those who refuse to convert, should have their lives and property taken. “Property” which according to Islam, includes taking women as sex slaves.

Marc-Lamont-Hill-Screen-Grab-CNN-7-11-2016-e1468248584612Black People Can’t Be Racist

CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill argued on Monday that black people cannot be racist and that the “moral failure of gun culture” needs to be changed.

Appearing on CNN Newsroom, Hill said, “To say that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist is bizarre to me not just because black people don’t have the institutional power to be racist or to deploy racism, but because the movement has called for justice.”

GenderUniv. of Iowa faculty encourage students to set pronouns online

Starting this fall, students at University of Iowa will be able to include their preferred names and gender programs in their school records.

Three years ago, the university became the first in the nation to allow students to identify as transgender on their admissions application, and is now encouraging students not to “try to figure out a way to not use pronouns,” advising that once a student knows a classmate’s pronouns, to use them, The Telegraph-Herald reports.