Black Lives Matter protesters block Minneapolis highway during rush hour following Philando Castile’s death

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a highway during peak morning traffic in Minneapolis, one week after police killed unarmed black man Philando Castile at a traffic stop.

A few dozen protesters parked several cars across the Interstate 35W at University Avenue around 7.50am, shouted into microphones and held signs saying “Abolish Police”.

“I hate Illinois Nazis.”

  • That’ll win folks over.

  • Brett_McS

    Instapundit makes the point that the police aren’t there to protect society; they are there to protect criminals from the extreme justice they would face from society in the absence of police.

  • Alain

    Explain to me why they were allowed to get away with this. Oh, more Caledonia à l’américaine. When the rule of law is ignored, people ignore the law.

  • Gary

    Blacks are going to push white people too far as japan found out by 1945 .

    Muslims are next.

    Find your own nation to turn into a hell-hole of filth are crime. See how long blacks last with out all the inventions from that evil Whitey. No need to loot a TV store because there is no electricity.

    • We have an article on that in today’s Continental Breakfast.

      • Gary

        I’m seeing a pattern which has happened in History before prior to the volcano blowing to top off the mountain.
        Politicians usually allow several children to be killed in an area before they rush in as a hero and demand a Cross Walk or a Lower a speed limit.
        They will NEVER push for the parents to responsible for their children , it’s all about Spend spend spend and more Government employees and an ongoing cost for a project to get Votes for Life by the workers .

        I had warned an MPP about the dangers for the Play grounds for which I was seen as a malcontent.
        But after 2 children die from exactly what i warned about , they rushed it as a white knight to ban those types a play area. It was 25 years ago when I had a Volvo and spoke to a rep at the Dealership during a free workshop on owning a Volvo , I point out a flaw in the new safety feature that could get children killed .
        They too thought I worried too much and the risks were low.
        In 2015 I saw an AD by BMW where they promoted their new safety addition to the Child safety feature that was exactly what I told Volvo . It took several death to children before these people woke up .

  • infedel

    This is not peaceable assembly; this is sedition…

  • AlanUK

    In England and Wales (I haven’t checked Scotland but I expect it will be similar) this would be a prima facie breach of the law.

    To wilfully obstruct the Queen’s highway would get you a fine of up to £1000 for the first offense (typically, £200). Note: it is the highway itself which is obstructed – not other cars so you could be held guilty even if no one was delayed.

    This is a link to a website run by a protestor organisation which makes the legal position clear from a protestor’s POV.