Why People Don’t Trust Liberals To Regulate Guns

Whenever high-profile bullets start flying, calls for new gun control measures are never far behind. In what has become our new national pastime, the tragedy in Dallas was immediately politicized, with the Left demanding more firearm regulations as the simple and “obvious” solution to the far more complicated problems of an overly-militarized police force with ineffective accountability and the violent tribalism of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd forged by the Left’s own virulent identity politics. One would think that when five police officers are murdered in apparent retaliation for the growing number of wrongful deaths at the hands of law enforcement, the types of weapons used would be irrelevant compared to defusing an escalating cycle of violence that corrodes civil society.

  • If liberals are concerned about gun violence, start demanding that fathers raise their children well.

    Oh, wait…!

  • Ed

    If the left had any regard for human life they’d be opposed to abortion.

    If the left had any regard for human life they wouldn’t treat Stalin’s 30 million or so dead as eggs broken making an omelette.


    • Alain

      The irony is being pro-abortion but anti-death penalty for serial murderers.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Compound irony.
        If you kill someone the state can’t take your life but under Canada’s new assisted suicide laws…

        • Shebel

          Not something that I care to think about—- but–
          I would still be ‘pro-choice’.

      • Shebel

        It is ‘pro -choice-‘–not– ‘pro-abortion’.
        Why is this so difficult ?

        • Alain

          Sorry but no it is pro-abortion, and I am being honest and nice since I could rightfully call it pro-death.

  • Shebel

    Guns– are the only way left to protect ourselves from Liberals.

    • occupant 9

      ,,, and that’s the rub Liberals always try to play down, as if their side, the Big Government side, didn’t collectively murder 100+ million of their own disarmed/unarmed citizens.

  • Alain

    When they forfeit all gated communities and armed security for themselves, then they may have a bit of credibility.

    • occupant 9

      Liberals don’t worry about getting credibility from non-liberals because they despise us so greatly they perpetuate the most grievious of lies upon us, knowing full well if their lies were true, they wouldn’t dare speak them for fear for their very lives.

      An example is the deafening silence from Liberals towards the indulgence in violent behaviour Islam demands of its followers.

  • J. C.

    Sane people don’t trust liberals to regulate anything…

    • V10_Rob

      Many gun owners, I think, could get behind a quite a few of the ‘common sense’ gun restrictions that get proposed… Except for the glaring fact that everyone on both sides (except congenital idiots) knows that these are all just a foot in the door for further restrictions and bans and confiscations. No compromise is possible, because the left cannot be trusted to abide by it.

  • QiPo

    I have lived and experienced enough life (at 70), read enough history, and studied enough psychology to know that the liberal mindset is, as more than one author believes, a mental disorder. Their greatest wet dream is to disarm the little people (us). If we were to go down that path, only they and their enforcers would possess weapons. After that putsch, nexf in line could be anyone for any reason they might dream up. Molon labe.