When the enemy is not afraid to die, it’s a real threat

Author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explained on her recent Australian tour that it’s that mindset that makes life cheap for Islamists who embrace sharia law.

“Islamic law isn’t about life in this world, it’s about what will happen in the next,” she said. “Islamic law is a cult of death.”

  • It is a death cult in its purist form.

    The militaristic Japanese were like this and no one hesitated to use the atomic bomb.

    Just saying.

  • “Five reasons why Islam is a cult”, by me. It is worth a read.


    • I would have started with number five and worked my way down.

      Good essay.

  • 945dad21

    In that case, being the considerate organisms that we are, it is incumbent upon us to indulge them by exercising our best, unsparing efforts to grant them their desires.

  • bargogx1

    Everybody’s afraid of something.