When Muslims Kill Muslims, They Can Still Act in the Name of Islam

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Muslim nations, the argument is again being made that, say what they will, the terrorists are obviously not acting in the name of Islam — a religion which bans the indiscriminate slaughter of fellow Muslims.

Yet is it that simple?

  • Terrorism is a distraction from the real threat, Sharia. They work hand-in-hand as carrot and stick, albeit a poisoned carrot.

    • It was a great idea to allow mass immigration of a violent supremacist cult.

      • Exile1981

        If someone suggested bringing 10,000 violent racist clan members to Canada the media would have gone ape shit. Though they are quite about 10,000 violent/racist syrians.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It depends on how you define Muslim.

    • Jim Fox

      What’s that supposed to mean? ‘muslim’ merely means ‘one who follows the teachings of the koran and the sirah of the Prophet’ and has repeated the Shahada before an imam, if a convert.