• BillyHW

    Why do receptionists eating birthday cake think they should get paid as much as this guy?

    • V10_Rob

      That’s a fair question.

      Although, if the receptionist knows better than to film vertically, I’d be willing get behind a bit of a raise.

  • Spatchcocked

    Snag faller I reckon……they were more highly paid than a regular faller…as you can see snags are rotten…tops off for a variety of easons and they tend to “shell or break into “slabs” as they come down……..exciting work.
    Red cedar the worst because with age the centre of tree hollows out all the way to the top so this fallers worries are much compounded…..the snag if you will is 120 feet high rather than 30 feet.
    I remember old times in high lead logging the only real logging imho thumps chest when the fallers went from a very very good per diem to scale board feet on the ground.
    Many disagreements between scalers and fallers in the woods….you could ahem hear two hands slapping.
    Now you’re logging kid!

  • ntt1

    that tree is rotten , a n example of a “widow maker” it looks like the faller had left previously due to fall out then returned to complete the very dangerous job. yes let’s have pay equity, any class three file clerk is confronted by just as much danger ;getting body parts and dangly bits caught in three ring binders and so on.

  • Spatchcocked

    I was a northwest high lead logger….not one of them faggy lumberjacks logging them east coast peckerpoles.
    What a fine body of men….all with 20 20 vision ….straight of limb and morality….typically blond and a minimum of 6 feet in height….all with Stanford Binet results over 100.
    I’ve never forgotten the life lessons learned and the kamaraderie….
    I still stir my coffee with my thumb in silent homage to those men.

  • lolwut?

    Looks like most Western governments.