Obama is Trudeau’s pal, not Canada’s

One wonders if at any time during their ongoing, very public and increasingly cloying “bromance,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ever asked U.S. President Barack Obama about why he vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline.

Specifically about why Obama killed it while his administration simultaneously approved 10 Keystones (in terms of distance) in the U.S., without a peep of protest?

  • Dana Garcia

    Canadians shouldn’t feel bad; Obama doesn’t like Americans either.

  • ghost of benghazi

    They both are Saudis lap dogs when it comes to Key Stone. Are Canadians that slow not to figure that out.

  • Well, obviously.

    He’ll screw Trudeau over before he leaves office.

    • mauser 98

      Jackass is Barry’s latest throw away stooge
      Barry can’t believe his good luck

      • Waffle

        Junior is more than expendable. He is quite mad. Forget about the Peter Pan Syndrome. Forget about the juvenile hissy fits. He is quite certifiable. Take a second look at the photos over the past few years — you can see the madness in his eyes.

        We need recall or revolution if there is to be anything left to salvage.

      • I’m sure Trudeau feels the same.

        Both are peas in a pod.

  • Spatchcocked

    Yup…..Justine is crazy like a shit house mouse….
    And his wife ! Oy Gevoy!

    Our PM is a brain damaged pot head…..is that not wonderful to contemplate….

    He thinks he’s Bismarck or Talleyrand and she thinks she’s Maria Callas or Bonnie Raitt.

    And they both live at 24 Cuckoos Nest Drive at Chez Charenton.

  • Spatchcocked

    I can imagine Christmas morning at Chez Charenton…..mommy and daddy spark one up…..Margaret trussed up like Hannibal Lector leaning against the tree ….gooned on eggnog……drinking it with a straw through her hockey mask….a dog howls…..birds periodically fly into the Windows leaving leaving a gory pastiche of beaks blood and feathers…..the family pooch in obvious emotional distress pulls his leaking arse across the broadloom..

    Our long national nightmare continues…..

    • mobuyus

      Do these muslims even celebrate Christmas?

  • simus1

    The oil sands are in the “wrong hands” at the moment.
    The pipeline is working fine. Just because it has wheels and Canadians have to eat the extra costs to transport the oil doesn’t bother Emperor Barry in the slightest. As to the jobs lost by tens of thousands of Americans who could have built it, those aren’t “real jobs” to people who decide what’s what.

  • WalterBannon

    I am hoping President Trump tells him where to go and has him put on the no fly list

  • Alain

    Normally Canada is several years behind the US in politics and other areas, but we beat the Americans by a long shot when they got Obama. I am referring to Trudeau Sr., who detested Canada, especially English Canada, and set out to destroy every fibre of our traditions, culture and history (yes history was replaced with the revised Liberal version). Now we have Trudeau Jr. out to finish anything missed. The whole Liberal Party like the NDP and the left hates the real Canada. Obama and his American allies set out to do the same thing to the United States, and if Hilderbeast gets in, there won’t be anything left worth saving.