My one-time MP finally says something smart!

Michael Ignatief…

“There are a lot of Brexiters who think a decent country is generous to strangers, is compassionate to strangers. But that’s the language of the gift. That’s not a language of rights. This is an emerging theme that a lot of liberal cosmopolitan politicians — and I have been one! — didn’t understand.

This is a key element of this nationalist turn. We’ve all been slow to see that happening, but that’s a big trend going down, the distinction between rights and gifts.

It helps to understand that.

  • DD_Austin

    A Windbag being a windsock
    The man needs electroshock

  • canminuteman

    How old is he? How long did it take the “gifted intellectual” to figure out what most kids learn in kindergarten? Got to give him credit for figuring it out, but it took a while.

    • Alain

      Especially since it is more than any Liberal in Canada and even the existing Conservatives.