Muslim introduces “on the go” hair care techniques to German women in subway

This story dates back to February of this year but the video has just surfaced on Liveleak.

Man from Libya ignites women’s hair in Berlin

A man from Libya has been sentenced to several years in prison because of a fire attack at Ostbahnhof and a fire attack at the zoo. The court considered it proven that the man had in Berlin treacherous ignited the hair of two women. Also because of several shoplifting the man was convicted.

A 29-year-old man from Libya has two wives suddenly lighted hair in 2014 on Berlin stations. For this he must now for three years and three months in prison. A local court sentenced him on Tuesday for grievous bodily harm, reports Focus Online.

  • Jessiemac

    A better idea would be to start lighting up burkas and hajibs.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that he didn’t get a suspended sentence.

  • I have no words.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We should blow up a mosque and shoot everyone who comes running out.

  • k1962

    He looks like he’s 24 and he already has 2 wives. He is a f*cking loser like so many of them. We are so stupid to import people who want to hurt, maim and kill us.

  • mobuyus

    Will muslims ever be made to learn to keep their filthy hooves to themselves?