‘Major’ ISIS jihadi camp obliterated by Russian bombers during devastating airstrikes

The Kremlin said six Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers were deployed in the raids which destroyed the jihadi targets east of the towns of Palmyra and As Sukhnah and the village of Arak.

The long-range warplanes flew from their base in southern Russia and returned home after the operation.

The Russian military said information on the eliminated targets was acquired over several days and confirmed through several intelligence channels.

Obama condemns attack in 3-2-1…

  • lgeubank

    Russia is led by a more-or-less normal human being, not a crazed grifter and charlatan like Obama. But be that as it may, Russia squashed some ISIS in Syria. Keep up the good work!

    I forget — who does Obama support in Syria? The regime? The rebels? Flip a coin? Depends on the weather? Whatever Obama’s policy for Syria, we know one thing: it’s the douchiest policy available to him.

    • Ho Hum

      You can be sure that Obama (and Hillary) do not support Assad. That is the root of the problem. They have been arming Jihadists includes Al Qaeda and ISIS in an attempt to oust Assad. Thank god for the Russians

      • Brett_McS

        Never mind not supporting Assad, they don’t support Sisi in Egypt. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are working like a duck swimming to undermine him while trying to appear neutral or supportive.

        • Linda1000

          Sisi and Netanyahu are partnering to police the Sinai area. The Obama administration tried to undermine Netanyahu’s re-election also by donating money to the lefty opposition in Israel. Today or maybe yesterday, Trump said he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to recognize it as the capital of Israel which it should be, and not a shared capital as in part of the silly two-state solution.

  • Ed

    Curriculum needs adjusting.

  • canminuteman

    This is why people wonder whose side the US is on. They could have been doing this for years had they wanted to and ISIS would be dead.

  • Gary

    No doubt Imam Obama will keep taking the credit for what Russia does to wipe out ISIS.
    Justin will do the same as he tell the muslims in Canada he pulled out our F-18’s to stop killing muslims and then he go to the media to condemn ISIS and that Canada is doing its part to end the reign by ISIS .

    • Will Quest

      JUST-IN pulling out his E-18s….. is that a form of contraception ?????

  • Cat-astrophe

    ISHISH KaBobs

  • Hard Little Machine

    Use the Big One. Tomorrow’s weather will be 15,000 degrees with an 80% chance of neutrons.

  • Remind me again who this Obama fellow is?

    • Linda1000

      Lucky you, I think there’s the upcoming G-20 summit in China and you’ll get to meet our new fairy, fluffy-haired, feminist Cdn. PM. Tell him you that you are going to take the Cdn. Artic from him. He’ll cry but his new pal Obama will be there to pat him on the back.