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Imam At Moscow Mosque Accused Of Justifying Terrorism

The imam of a Moscow mosque has been charged with publicly justifying “terrorism and calling for terrorist acts,” a defense lawyer said.

Makhmud Velitov, the imam of the Yardyam mosque “was arrested yesterday and [police] raided his home and the mosque,” Dagir Khasanov said on July 12.

The defense lawyer said Velitov has admitted “partial guilt” in the case, without specifying further details.

The charges stem from a television interview and a mosque sermon by the imam.

Singapore jails four Bangladeshi men for terrorism financing

A Singapore court jailed four Bangladeshi men for between two and five years for terrorism financing on Tuesday in a case that has put the city-state’s most marginalized migrant-worker community in the spotlight.

Authorities said the men contributed from S$60 ($45) to S$1,360 ($1,000) to fund attacks in their homeland in the name of Islamic State in Bangladesh. It was Singapore’s first case of terrorism financing.

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