Cop’s Wife Threatened On Facebook By Pic Of Officer With Throat Cut, Tagged ‘Black Lives Matter’

LIVONIA (CBS Detroit) Police are investigating after the wife of one of their own says frightening and threatening messages were sent to her on Facebook after she liked a photo that cast aspersion at the Black Panther party.

The officer’s wife says she received two messages on Facebook. One was a graphic that showed a man in a black hood slicing an officer’s throat. It included the hashtag Black Lives Matter.

Another message was rife with expletives and threatened harm, saying they hope the next killing is “in her family.”

  • Alain

    BLM/BP are committing domestic terrorism and given the green light to continue doing so. The claim that “right-wingers” are as big a terrorist threat as Islamic terrorism is unmasked for the lie it is.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I don’t know about this. Smells funny.

    • Indeed. “Livonia”? Didn’t the puppet Livonian regime kidnap a nuke and hold the world hostage in Austin Powers V (“Live and Let Shag“)? Totally made up.

      (Honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea. I’m burned out on the crazy.)

      • Cat-astrophe

        Yes, yes, burnt out on the “Crazy” that is the condition that grips your mind just before you tell yourself that to end the “crazy” it won’t matter any more, just someone end it any way you can, PLEASE.
        I think it is.
        I’m there, I know I am. I want to turn away from it, work on my truck projects and just live my life.
        I can, but I can’t.
        Its too damn important, to critical to everything in my life, I return to it again and again. The results of what we are witnessing, what I’ve been watching unfold over the last 40 years of my life, will, I am afraid, end only with a disaster of Biblical Proportions.
        The most frustrating thing, the single thing most mind crushing fact about it is this: we know we can only just watch, because only those bent on destroying our civilization can get away with…..well, murder.
        They have better organization and UN-ending funding to find, and field protests that boggle your mind. (BLM, Pipeline protests, climate change, for example)
        Some one peeps out an observation or counterpoint and they are waiting to CRUSH you the Media if you are more noticeable or like the lady in the article or the cop who had his home invaded, you risk your life for speaking up. So we spend our time going to good information sites such as Blazing Cat Fur, but never finding a way to have our voices heard where it counts. And this is just our own counties in North America.
        Yup, burnt out is about all we are achieving.

  • BillyHW

    Of course, none of this violates those mysterious community standards.