French Islamism and the Future of Europe

“…Millière warns that in France, “jails are schools of jihad” for the 70% of French inmates who are Muslim. Within jails, moderate Muslims are silenced and jihad is presented as a way to atone for past wrongs. So far, attempts to de-radicalize French jails have proven unsuccessful.

Millière believes that these trends are likely to continue, as Muslims will make up an increasingly large portion of French society. While Muslims currently make up only 12% of the general population (8 out of 65 million), they comprise more than 25% of the French population younger than 25.

Throughout Europe, traditional political parties do not represent the anger that some of their citizens feel. The rise of reactionary parties indicates that Millière is not alone in his view that “politicians (are) on the verge of surrender” when it comes to Islamism.”