Facebook Deletes Meme Page Mocking Hillary Clinton

The Facebook page, boasting over 100K likes, has had multiple images removed as they apparently don’t “follow the Facebook Community Standards”. One of the most recent images removed was one that poked fun at Hillary Clinton and the recent recommendation by the FBI not to press charges following Clinton’s email scandal.

  • FB sucks.

  • terrence22

    Surprise, SURPRISE – UNEXPECTEDLY, FB censored a page. My good heavenly days.

  • Denis

    the fix is in!! get ready for Madame President

  • mauser 98
  • Alain

    I almost spit out my drink when I read that FB has community standards. Sorry no standards of any kind, but I am aware that “community standards” is code for banning anything they don’t like, in other words contrary to the agenda.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Zuckerturd will be the defacto semi-official Department of Information under the Hilary regime.