Asylum centre accused of covering up sex abuse of 6 year old boy

Staff at an asylum seeker accommodation have been accused of a cover-up for allegedly telling the mother of a six-year-old boy not to complain about her child being sexually abused.

According to the mother, managers at the asylum seeker refuge told her that the child might be taken into care if she mentioned it.

The woman had left her son in the hands of a 23-year-old Iranian man in the asylum accommodation where they were both living.

  • simus1

    SOP for the usual left wing Euro sludge in left “in charge” of protecting migrant muslim rapists. Not that our version found in Canada would do anything different when it comes to coverups of muslim criminality.

  • I maintain it is not WHAT is done but WHO does it.

    Give me a scenario where this would have been taken care of differently.

  • xavier

    By their fruits you’ll know them.

    Tell me again why anyone would or should praise Islam. Yes pedestry has existed through time and cultures but only Islam provides a pseudo divine sanction for this act

  • Kell

    Wood chippers and catfish!
    NO faster way to get yourself fed to catfish than to touch or attempt to touch one of my kids!
    ALL bullshit aside, you will surely die!