Trudeau in China: Like father, like son

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flies off to Beijing at the end of next month for an extensive visit prior to the G-20 summit in eastern China, he will very much be his father’s son.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau had a thing for Marxism and communist leaders, regardless of how murderous and despotic they were.

And he apparently passed it down to his son.

  • Linda1000

    Hope he falls off the Great Wall and breaks his neck.

  • ontario john

    I wonder if he will give any thought to the Canadians suffering in a commie Chinese prison, on trumped up spy charges, while he is wining and dining with the commie fascists. But then those Canadians are Christian, and he hates Christians. And the media is excited that he has the answer to nazism. He signed the guest book at the death camp in Poland with the message, that diversity is the answer to avoid future evils like nazism. He is wonderful.

    • Justin will kiss ass, it’s what he does.

      • Will Quest

        will sweet Sophie accompany him, so we can relish 2 mouth-watering mints in one ……..

  • ontario john

    Somehow I don’t think Harper would go to China while a Canadian is being held in prison there.

  • Spatchcocked

    His old man was truly a running dog……but he truly believed it was the glorious future.

    He really wasn’t very bright.

    His farewell tour with the kids to Siberia was the best….
    This is the truth he said….this magnificent city Magnitogorsk or sumpin….here in the middle of Siberia!!!! This is what can be accomplished!!!!!

    Silly truly stupid nit didn’t figure that slave gulag labour built the fucking place…
    He was a bright fool……and a Lieberal of course simply for convenience.

    And his spawn? As crazy as his parents put together.

    • Shebel

      At least Pierre had a brain. .
      All — Justin wants to do is make Him Self look like a World Saviour
      and Canada is his aqueduct .

  • Shebel

    Justin has made 2 Trade deals . Each involves Canada allowing in other Countries Criminals in return for them making Justin look good on the World Stage.

  • barryjr

    So what if he visits China. Other PMs have done so in the past. This just sounds like sour grapes from Bonokoski.