The Terrifying U.S.-Israeli Computer Worm That Could Cause World War III

“…In Zero Days, Gibney provides a comprehensive overview of the Stuxnet worm—a sophisticated piece of malware that, on June 17, 2010, was found by a Belarus security expert on one of his client’s machines in Iran. Though it was immediately apparent that the virus was deadly, it would take considerably more analysis—including by Symantec security response professionals Eric Chien and Liam O’Murchu—before its true potential was revealed. Those revelations were at once awe-inspiring and unsettling, as Stuxnet turned out to be a complex program designed to infiltrate, target, and sabotage the centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. It was equipped to do this even though Natanz’s systems were disconnected from the internet. And it was to perform its mission without “command and control” input—meaning that its groundbreaking code would initiate and carry out its tasks wholly on its own or as Chien says, “There was no turning back once Stuxnet was released”.