How some college kids pay off their loans…

Vanity Fair:

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy

A growing number of young people are selling their bodies online to pay student loans, make the rent, or afford designer labels. Is it just an unorthodox way to make ends meet or a new kind of exploitation? Nancy Jo Sales investigates. More.

Reality check: It wouldn’t have anything to do with the moral standards the kids were raised with, would it?

Sadly, many of them were probably going into debt for trash like Women’s Studies or Queer Studies or … .

Of course, if they plan to become Outer Party in the new progressive society, it’s definitely okay to sell their bodies for now, but they will also need training in how to be a precious little fascist  toward everyone else when not busy pleasing Sugar Daddy.

See also: Breaking! Breaking! Women’s Studies is a poor investment. Bitching about men should be free. It is worth what you pay for it. Also, beware any course with “Studies” in its name.