First Two Cologne Attackers to be Tried – “Give me the girls or you’re dead!” – Whoop and Cheer After Being Given Suspended Sentences


Western Europe has a death wish.

Or (apologies for putting it so crudely) a rape wish.
But of course those are generalizations and do not apply to many individuals.

Such as Jennifer W and Lena S, who were assaulted and robbed

Hussein A

my Muslim immigrants on New Year’s Eve, under or near the shadows of Cologne Cathedral.

Where is German justice for them?
If the perpetrators were “animals” (according to the judge) why did he give them one-year suspended sentences?
Is this the judicial version of Francis Mercy?
The short article below prompts a number of questions:
  1. Were the perpetrators recent “migrants” or earlier immigrants?
  2. What are the sentencing guidelines in this sort of case?
  3. Why were they given suspended sentences?
  4. Can they now be deported? (Of course one knows they will not be.)
  5. When can you deport someone?
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Okay, who complains that there are too many inmates in American prisons?

  • xavier

    Maybe this could be a dasterdly ploy for vigalante justice. Lord knows he deserves it

  • tom_billesley

    First two to be tried? Probably the last.

  • bargogx1

    And not a peep from feminists…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let Europe burn.

  • Dana Garcia

    How not to teach assimilation to foreigners and convince the local population the elites don’t give a sh!t.