Bloomberg claim: Brexit part of freedom reduction

Noah Smith at Bloomberg:

Brexit’s real importance probably comes not from its direct effects, but from its symbolism. It’s a sign of a much bigger, broader trend — a global political regime change. The shift was happening before Brexit, and it will continue after. It’s something we should be worried about.

In recent years, that trend has halted, and the institutional tide now appears to be moving in the other direction. Illiberalism — political autocracy and restriction of civil liberties — are on the rise.More.

Reality check: As if.

Brexit is precisely about people’s right to say: Enough!

It’s true that freedom has been declining in the world, but that’s principally due to asscrat progressive or Islamic governments, the very thing Brexit promises liberation from. Smith sort of admits this:

I’m not so sure that Brexit is a manifestation of illiberalism. Yes, the pro-Brexit camp was partly motivated by fear and dislike of immigrants, but the vote was democratic, and the EU has long suffered from a “democratic deficit.”

So he admits it. The people who trace their beginning to Magna Carta didn’t want to be ruled by tenured toffs in denial about Islamic terror.

Then he says (possibly to earn his keep),

Trump is a clearer danger. His divisive vilification of America’s minority groups, his campaign’s social media ties to white supremacist groups and the authoritarian attitude of his support base, are all red flags signaling that a significant part of the U.S. isn’t a fan of the liberal ideals that the country promoted in the 20th century.

Grow up, Noah. All that is happening is that people you could afford to just despise and denigrate in the past now have a voice in the conversation.

Should we put Bloomberg on the “New Yorker still doesn’t get it?” death watch list?

Just for example, tens of millions of people around the world now know that the German media collaborated with Merkel to underplay the rapefugee crisis. The legacy media can’t just stuff it all into a black hole somewhere in outer space they way the would have in the early Nineties. This is happening with all kinds of issues.

Accountability is catching up with “global” politicians who feel way, way above accountability to their own citizens (because they are too busy Doing Good in a Global World).

File those politicians’ and their page boy media’s attitudes with: Cat litter.

Key Brexit message: Govern in the interests of the people who vote and pay taxes around here or get lost.

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