They can still see you! ISIS fighter caught in the cross hairs tries to hide from Iraqi helicopters… by putting GRASS on his head

An ISIS fighter trying to escape being shot from an Iraqi helicopter tried to disguise himself by putting grass on his head, video footage has shown.

ISIS Idiot

  • xavier

    Magical thinking. These guys are thankfully clueless as to how thermal imaging, body heat etc make the battlefield much more challenging.

    Yes they’really deadly against unarmed civil Ian’s and cannon fodder but against professional or we’ll trained soldiers they’ll just die a quick death

    • Allah knows best.

      • GrimmCreeper

        The Islamic sequel to Father Knows Best?

        • Mal

          But without the attractive females.

      • xavier

        Blazing catfur

        Yeah but my religious outlook is
        A) test everything and hold what’s true
        B) God gave us an intellect to apprehend him, know him and love him
        C) as co-creators we marvel and delight at discovering him through a study of life and the universe and making things that that improve life as a way of honouring him

        Obeying God doesn’t mean being a moron berfret of common sense. I dunno maybe I’m overthinking 🙂

  • Blacksmith

    There aint no inbred morons over there what are you trying to say……

  • ntt1

    you just can’t hide the results of 1400 years of incest.

  • I see that this fellow was obviously not SAS trained.