No Equivalence

Much remains to be learned about the why and the how of Thursday night’s massacre in Dallas, but there is scant mystery about the what: at least 11 police officers were calmly marked for execution for no other reason than that they were cops. When the firing was over, five lay dead and the remainder wounded—some gravely.

  • If police can be targets of “lone wolves” at the inducement of quasi-Muslim Brotherhood extremist movements, then no one is safe.

    Apologists had better remember that.

    • Julie Kruse

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  • Gary

    If the BLM Supremacy thugs had weapons during PRIDE they would shot the area and THEN made demands.
    It’s a ruse that they want the Police float removed…..they want all Cops removed so they can riot and Torch Toronto so it looks like all the other Black hell-holes on Earth they created from sloth and low IQ’s .

    I predicted about 22 years ago that Toronto was going to be like Detroit or Chicago based on the White Guilt by Liberals and the insane Immigration system that bring in people that hate Canada and white people.
    When you hear the BLM morons go on rants you can see that they have accents and were imported to cause riots and violence.