Liberals promise more than $150 million per year in aid to Afghanistan to battle escalating insurgency

WARSAW, Poland — Canada is promising more cash to Afghanistan — while some of its allies plan to keep troops in the country to help it deal with an escalating insurgency.

The Liberal government is renewing more than $150 million per year for aid projects in Afghanistan and to help the country’s security forces. The new money will kick in once Canada’s existing commitment, pledged by the previous Conservative government in 2012, ends next year. It will continue to 2020.

That’s a waste, nothing can help an Islamic state. But I guess Justin had no opportunity for a virtue signalling selfie

  • Reader
    • JoKeR

      Justin just loves poppies, poppies, PoPpIeS, pOpPiEs.

  • DMB

    The west has spent so far approximately $140 billion in a Marshall style plan to rebuild Afghanistan and where has all that money gone? Likely to corrupt warlords, money laundered through United Nations bureaucracies and God knows who else and that country continues to deteriorate not improve. Except for Kabul the Taliban controls the country, the drug trade is wide spread and children are being abused in all ways on a wide scale as well as women. No amount of money can fix that country considering the root of the problem is being ignored which is Islam. But when it comes to wasting money Justin and the Liberals won’t miss an opportunity to do so.

  • WalterBannon

    Liberals Promise More Than $150 Million Per Year In Aid To Afghanistan To Bring in Poppy Drug Crop.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The money will just end up in the pockets of crooked politicians.

    • andycanuck

      Afghani ones too!

  • Concerned Canadian

    I suggest that Trudeau is trying to buy his way onto the world’s stage and become relevant because he sure can not make it on intellect.

    • Alain

      He can’t make it on anything. I admit to being male, but I honestly fail to see how anyone finds him attractive even with the hair and whatever shampoo. Normally I can see why most women find some movie star handsome or attractive, but this boggles the mind, or at least my mind.

      • k1962

        I don’t see it either. Dumb is never attractive.

  • k1962

    They need to stop throwing good $ after bad. Nothing can help Muslim countries. They are doomed to fail because of their culture.

    • Will Quest

      Doomed by their state sponsored ideology …. I-Slam……

      • Mal

        Much like how we are by ours …. liberal diversism.

        • Will Quest

          Yes indeed, we all required to genuflex at the altar of state sponsored multiculturalism and its piety of absolute moral & cultural relativity……. or else ………how soon will they start stoning apostates for blaspheming the progressive’s received wisdom ……..