German Intelligence: Iran Still Buying Nuke Material

Germany’s intelligence service has reported that Iran tried to acquire nuclear, ballistic missile, and “dual use” technology in 2015, including after the nuclear deal was signed in July.

  • JoKeR

    It’s not as if Obama didn’t expect that.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Impossible. Barry promised us “peace in out time” and that those nice people in Terhan wouldn’t do anymore naughty things.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Iran is in a good spot. If Hillary wins they can announce they’re a nuclear state because it won’t matter to the US government. And if Trump wins they’ll be forced to announce they’re a nuclear state to protect themselves. In either case they’re still tweaking the missiles to get a reliable delivery system. The real challenge is to get the bomb small enough to fit on their missile. After that, they’re North Korea Crazy Unreliable.

  • This is was all predicted in 2008.