France: Fearing jihad massacres, Catholic Church sells off statues of monks beheaded by Muslims

Muslims might be offended, so we must stop doing whatever it is that might offend them. That is universal policy in the West these days. No other group is accorded such consideration. And above all, we must not do anything to draw attention to the Muslim persecution of Christians. That might harm the wonderful “dialogue” that the Church is conducting with Muslim leaders — a “dialogue” that hasn’t prevented a single church from being burned down or a single Christian from being murdered.

  • Martin B

    If Charles Martel had been such a dhimmi faggot, the Catholic Church would be just a brief footnote in history.

    Do they even realize what they’re doing?

    • That’s what I would like to know.

      Who won the Battle of Poiters anyway?

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The French military ceased to be feared after Waterloo.

    • Alain

      Plus neither the French nor France would exist.

  • BillyHW

    We should appease our muslim invaders by throwing our homosexual clergy off buildings.

    We should at least try that first, to see if it works.

  • I almost pray for the advent of civil war in Europe.

    • MuslimsLoveTheirBlackSlaves

      Obama will beat them to it!

  • Alain

    Dialogue? Now that is funny.

  • infedel

    Phuque that narrative…be real, ban islam from the West. We need more Sobieskis at the gate.