Escaped Isis sex slave Nadia Murad calls on Britain to help Yazidis tortured by terror group

“They laughed at us. They said, ‘You are owned by IS. You will be married to us’.”

Ms Murad says she was taken to Mosul with 150 other girls where they were scrutinised by fighters and forced to “marry” them.

She described being taken as a slave by a man with a wife and daughter, who Ms Murad never met, however she would see his daughter’s name – Sarah – light up on his phone as he raped her.

  • BillyHW

    I say we give her the button to a nuke ICBM targeted at Mecca and then let nature take its course.

    And then we take away the right to vote from every western woman.

    Who’s with me on this?

    • Daviddowntown

      Don’t get us banned here Billy.

  • bargogx1

    I very much doubt she’ll get the help she’s seeking The plight of her and her people doesn’t quite fit the narrative. But if she were a Muslim complaining about “Islamophobia”, the media and politicians would be falling all over themselves to pledge their undying support.

  • Gary

    The Liberal MP in my area was a refugee and is a muslim. It made me sick to see this POS smile and cheer for Justin when he refused to rescue the sex slaves that ISIS is using , or to focus on the Christian refugees that have ISIS and normal muslims oppressing them in Iraq.
    What a selfish POS muslims MP that must have bought his way into canada and now has the nerve to deny other from coming here. I saw that photo of Justin in the PRIDE parade and I asked one of the pro-Trudeau person how many of the Muslim MP’s from Justin’s Ramadan Dinner photo-op were marching with him.
    Out of about 10 Muslims that had dinner with the useful-idiot , only 5 could be seen in the Parade . The rainbow Flag for my MP that was in his campaign Office window was a ruse to make Islam look like it give gays lost of Human Rights.
    So between little girls getting raped and the Orlando homophobic muslim follow the quran to slaughter gays……Canada now has a pro-pedophilia , pro-rape, anti-gay Government which looks a lot like Obama’s USA.