Donald Trump Was Not Wrong About Muslim Immigration

Events such as Brexit and increasing terrorist attacks continue to underscore that immigration from majority-Muslim countries will continue to be a dominant political question, yet pundits and politicians continue to treat this concern as impossible to resolve at best, and xenophobic at worst.

  • The average voter understands more Muslims means more violence.

    That is why Trump is likely to win.

  • Flyboy

    The refusal of our political elites to see that Islam embraces a totalitarian political mission replete with a complementary legal code (Sharia’h) bodes ill for our Western liberal democratic society. The author tries to address this fact by proposing immigration tools capable of discerning between Muslims dedicated to the imposition of Sharia’h and those who are not. This approach, however, ignores the progressive, milestone-to-milestone nature of Islam that replicates Mohammad’s journey from peace to war as he transitioned from Mecca to Medina and back again. How will the proposed immigration tools spot those who have yet to move from the peaceful “Meccan” phase of Islam to the Sharia’h bound “Medinian” stage?

  • GrimmCreeper

    The $64,000 question with not one good answer: If Islam is so peaceful why are there so many refugees from Muslim countries?