Dallas Police HQ ‘In Lockdown’ After Threat

The police department received the threat on Saturday afternoon local time and it reportedly contained a message about a group coming from Houston with the intent to kill officers.

BREAKING: ‘Masked man spotted at Dallas police HQ’ as anonymous threat sent to officers

The Dallas police headquarters has been “locked down” and SWAT teams deployed after an anonymous threat was received in the city where five officers were shot dead.

Dallas police search headquarters for suspicious man amid threats to officers

Police seal off building and send in dogs to look for suspicious person as security is heightened in face of threats

Dallas police were on high alert on Saturday evening as they searched for a suspicious man spotted around the department’s headquarters and received anonymous threats against officers.

Swat officers and other officials were seen racing out of armoured vehicles with rifles, and reporters and the public were instructed to move back from the department building, which appeared to be under lockdown.

“Officers are searching the police parking garage for a suspicious person,” the department said on Twitter. “Officers are conducting a systematic search of the parking lot … Officers are planning to breach a lock door in the garage with a shotgun.”

  • What a world.

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    • Alain

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  • Baton Rouge, La:

    spox says “multiple arrests” during the clashes just now & 2
    firearms confiscated—unclear if those were legally or illegally carried.

  • Dallas, Tx:

    More: Dallas Police say no shots fired, SWAT set off a device to
    open locked fence; officers also planning to breach locked door in
    garage with a shotgun

  • Dallas police: “Not on lockdown”, on “high alert” looking for suspicious person.

    • JJ Joseph

      “a suspicious person”? Wouldn’t that be a detective?

  • Gary

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