Behind the lines: Islamic State shifts strategy

ISIS’s pretensions to statehood are receding as it loses ground, but the organization is anything but defeated as a recent string of deadly terrorist attacks shows.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nah. We’re pros at losing these fights or at least settling into a negotiated stalemate. ISIS will be a proto state eventually. All they have to do is wear out the elected officials.

  • This is a sort of calm before the storm.

    ISIS must be obliterated. Anyone on the ground should increase their efforts.

  • infedel

    We have enough evidence islam is a supremacist totalitarian doctrine of conquest and its seditious nature is against the West…time to ban it along with the commie left.

  • infedel

    hey islam…do you really think the 7 billion of us want to live under sharia of the 1.2 billion….idiots.