Agitators hurl rocks at Phoenix police, chant ‘we should shoot you’

Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them.

  • Minicapt

    Don’t just say, do!
    … then tell us what happened.


  • tom_billesley

    It could almost be Jerusalem.

  • Gary

    John Tory and Wynne had so much White Guilt that they coddled this Black Supremacy group that has ties to the Muslims Brotherhood and Nation of islam Jew-hatred.

    It’s not my fault that Blacks have yet to produce a wealthy Society with productive people and low crime . Whites are a Minority on Earth and Blacks can’t relate to the level of bigotry and racism towards whites as part of a Success envy because Blacks and many Brown people rely on the White man’s invention as do Muslims which are the next group of unproductive whiners .

    It’s tougher in Toronto for Whites to apply for Welfare or be less productive than the non-white Diversity position by people that can’t be fired. Whites are expected to be Problem Solvers and need fewer support staff when in Management.

    Blacks have no idea what the stress levels for Whites are in the workplace to keep your job as they see Black or Brown people barley meet the standards for what’s expected but still get a raise or bonus
    Try to imagine that Jane&Finch is a White area with all the current issues for Black crime and the drug trade. How long would Wynne and John Tory keep throwing money at it and blame classism or fatherless homes with 4 children from different men .
    Would the TDSB print up fake Diploma’s and lower the standards so that none of the White children fail or bad marks on a test.

    Muslim is the new Black , the gang rapes, FGM, jihad , honour killings, welfare rates , prison populations and taxi drivers can all be traced back to islamophobia and racism .

  • roccolore

    More black racists who advocate killing cops…yet won’t turn down police portection.