What do Leave voters really think?

“…Tanveer Khan, a taxi driver in Birmingham, told me: ‘I voted Leave to maintain sovereignty. It is about the dignity of the nation.’ Politicians don’t care about ‘common people’, he said, adding that ‘politics has become so stagnant that it stinks’. Hugh McDowell, a pensioner, echoed Khan, saying he wanted ‘control, simple as that. The British parliament should make decisions, and we can kick MPs out if they don’t do what they said they would do.’ Accountability and democracy were also the main issues for Terry Biddulph, managing director of an IT company in Birmingham: ‘I voted out because the EU is undemocratic. This is my principal reason. But in the media this issue is hardly mentioned.’ Sue Shrimpton, a foster carer in West Bromwich, is similarly concerned about a lack of control: ‘I voted out as I feel it’s about time we started to make our own decisions as a nation.’ Phil Harris, a lollipop man in Birmingham, told me, ‘I want us to take power back to our own country, and make our own decisions, not do what Brussels wants us to do. This isn’t about racism; I want my identity back.’