The Netherlands shows it’s not just Brits who despise the E.U.

First came Brexit. Next comes Nexit?

Euroskeptics in the Netherlands are seizing on the United Kingdom’s shock decision last month to leave the European Union, looking to inject new momentum into their own cause.

The outward-looking country was one of the founding members of the bloc, but even here, the E.U. elicits discontent, disillusionment and sometimes derision.

“People feel alienated from the European project. They think that too much sovereignty has been handed over to Brussels,” said Harry van Bommel, a member of the Dutch parliament who represents the left-wing Socialist Party, which is highly critical of the E.U.

“Something has to be done,” he said in an interview in his office here, full of souvenirs from his travels around the Middle East. “We can’t go on any longer with an ever-closer union.”

  • pentelium

    “Shock decision” the Washington Post says.

    Shocking, perhaps, to acolytes of the Ancien Regime who could not conceive of ordinary people voting against their masters and betters; but not in the least shocking to those of us who yearned for this day for twenty years or more. The only wonder is that the majority for Leave wasn’t higher – and for that we can thank the propaganda forces employed by the government, the state broadcaster, the banks and the big-business cartel, all of whom had vested interests in prolonging the EU protection-racket.