The foggy logic of Black Lives Matter

And the silence from Queen’s Park on the whole Pride controversy

Bear with me as I struggle through the foggy logic in the Pride vs. Black Lives Matter spat.

BLM held a news conference Thursday at which they said Mayor John Tory is in “cahoots,” with police and hurled epithets at Pride executive director Mathieu Chantelois for what they believe is a flip-flop, after he signed their demands when they held up the Pride parade.

“We’re being very clear in the fact that we’re asking the mayor to stay in his lane when he’s taking the side between community and the police,” Rodney Diverlus told reporters.

  • Even a blind squirrel…

    Rev Jesse Jackson Sr

    8h8 hours ago

    .@fox32news:This was a well-planned terrorist attack. This was not a civil rights demo.There are no winners.#Dallas

  • Gary

    John Tory and premier Wynne sure know how to pick their friends. First off they chum around with the homophobic jew-hating islamofacists because they’re told that islam is a religion of peace. Next is the Jew hating homofascists while in 3rd place is the Black lives Matter terrorists .

    But the World’s collide when the peaceful islam sends a quran inspired homophobe into the Orlando Gay bar to slaughter 49, injured 53, while boasting to 9-1-1 that they did it for allah and ISIS.
    Then , during the Orlando Vigil ( for the 49 dead ) where John Tory and Wynne shared the stage with a jew-hating Gay Muslim known for his pro-Hamas supporting during the PRIDE ( for 5 years ) we saw how the islamofascists hijacked the event and made the Vigil about islamophobia, this which Wynne had mentioned 7 times in her speech .

    Now we see how Black Lives Matters acted like thugs and terrorist to take over the PRIDE parade and force people to accept their demands before the Parade can continue .

    Yesterday we saw how the Black Lives Matter Urban Terrorists lured the Dallas Police into a ambush where 5 Cop were murdered by a BLACK lives supporter and was incited by the years of Obama and Holder bashing the COPS as Al Sharpton and the BLM terrorists get invited to the White House .

    Nice one John Tory , we knew Wynne was stupid and a treasonous weasels with the Liberal election fraud and buying off the dolts in the public sector unions…. but YOU????
    You were a CEO at Rogers and should have known to respect Violent Groups right to protest and hold a unpopular view. But instead you cave to PRIDE to allow the Nudity around child in public as you order the Police to allow the quasi pedophilia displays , you exalt the BLM’s terrorists and give them an ear at City Hall and then a Humanitarian Award plaque .
    Then you top this off with endorsing the homophobic , pro sharia islamic Org – that was caught in 2008 by the FBI for funding hamas – by allowed them to use the Toronto LOGO and endorsement for their post Orlando slaughter to put up Posters across Toronto that had White canadians portrayed as racist islamophobes as if Muslims are a race of people .

    Wow ….. Diversity makes for strange bed fellows .