Stop aid to Pakistani government unless it defends Christians, says Peter Tatchell

Pakistan’s government has announced that Koranic education will be compulsory for schoolchildren

The human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has spoken out after the Pakistan government announced further restrictions on Christians’ civil liberties.

Pakistan’s education minister, Mohammad Balighur Rahman, has said that Koranic education will be compulsory for all schoolchildren.

Tatchell, a veteran activist best known as a gay rights campaigner, said: “This is the latest escalation of the country’s bias against Christians, other minority faiths and non-believers.”

He argued that the British government “should make overseas aid to Pakistan conditional on Islamabad’s protection of the human rights of Christians and other minorities.

Meanwhile… Canadian Govt to install 1000 mw Solar Power Plant in Balochistan (Pakistan)

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  • The Butterfly

    Foreign aid is nothing but a scam.

    • Millie_Woods

      And once you start giving to them, you can never stop. The pakies would consider it a declaration of war.

  • It’s rewarding Pakistan’s fine work and population control.

    • mauser 98

      the arts , science , literature ,philosophy
      dead goat horse races

  • simus1

    Er, Balochistan is a territory illegally annexed by Pakistan where sundry atrocities are regularly carried out by its army and security forces to remind the populace who is boss. Tarek Fatah has constantly drawn attention to the brutality involved in this crime against humanity .

  • Gary

    Don’t waste your time taking sense to Wynne or Trudeau, they don’t care how many jews, gays or Christians are slaughtered by muslims because it will hurt their voter-base inside Canada since Muslims have now out numbered natives as well as the jewish population.

  • UCSPanther

    Peter Tatchell, who also campaigned for LGBT rights was demonized some time back, as guess what, a homophobe by a swarm of University crybullies.

    He’s consistent in his beliefs, and that is cause for me to like him…