Radical Islamist Ingrid Mattson Gives Up Libel Suit Against Muslim Terrorism Expert David Harris

Collapse of Mattson Libel Suit Signals Victory for Free Speech and The Lawfare Project

A hallmark Islamist libel lawfare lawsuit has collapsed following more than a year of legal action supported by The Lawfare Project.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, former longstanding senior functionary of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), launched her proceeding – judged meritless by The Lawfare Project – against David B. Harris, a lawyer and one of Canada’s leading terrorism experts. But Harris, a recent witness before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee, never relented in his refusal to withdraw a public characterization of Mattson as “radical,” nor would he offer apologies, damages, or costs. This forced Mattson, likely fearing what a full legal-disclosure process would reveal, to give up all her demands. In a stunning reversal, and despite her claim of grave reputational damage, Mattson recently agreed to have the Superior Court of Ontario dismiss her own suit.

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  • moraywatson

    The time to say “No!” to supremacist-totalitarians like Ingrid Mattson, is EVERY time. Just say No to Totalitarian Islam !

  • Surele Surele

    It’s a start.

  • Waffle

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  • Gary

    I remember when CAIR Canada’s Sheema Khan used a lawsuit to silence the truth coming out about her ties to funding Hamas via donations that she knew were washed though a fake islamic charity .
    The morons at the CBC kept using Ms.Khan as the moderate voice for the 600,000 muslims in Canada while the Globe & Mail had its share of idiots that let her spew lies in her OP-EDs that may have incited the Toronto -18 muslims terrorists to plot a mass slaughter of 500+ people via truck bombs.

    Sheema Khan denied any ties to CAIR USA that was exposed for funding hamas in the 2008 FBI trial , but right before a Judge was to look at the evidence she pulled her lawfare scam because she knew that the Revenue Canada Documents for CAIR’s tax-exempt status had her Signature on it where she told the now CRA that her CAIR-Canada was Chapter of CAIR in Washington DC .
    Nihad Awad was in a CTV news video taking some of the credit for Maher Arar’s extortion scam for $400,000,000.00 from fabricated torture where he settled for 10.2 million just one day before the damaging evidence was to come out for his ties to Al-qaeda via globe trotting and his home in Boston plus visits to the Boston mosque now linked to jihadists .
    Here’s the 2007 video of Nihad Awad right before Sheen khan was exposed in 2009 for CAIR’s funding of hamas.

    Below is also a Photo of Awad at a pro-hamas rally where the hezballah flag
    id flown.
    Looks like Con-Job Khan is a really bad liar or the average low IQ muslim that thinks that non-muslims are just as stupid as she is to fall for her taqiyyah . CAIR was tied to a Mosque that fabricated an arson attack which also had the same Imam from that Mosque at the Arar Inquiry , minus his Beard and islamic dress as a radical sunni.
    The Media had no clue about the Muslim Brotherhood ties for Khan and CAIR along with the Saudi Funding for mega-Mosques. It got worse when CAIR held a “Victory ” dinner in Ottawa for the Arar’s that got $10.2 million for fake torture allegations because the Jew-hating Mohammad Elmasry was there along with the homophobic pro-jihad Imam from the Khadr’s mosques.
    But , how odd that the arab muslim from the University of Ottawa that supplied witnessed for Arar at the Inquiry to aid in his Extortion was the same person at this dinner that was told that the Arar’s ” Foundation” for justice was giving his Law dept. a huge Donation to fight islamophobia in canada during his Courses to educate lawyers .
    And how odd that this same Law Prof from the UofO had alleged the war Crimes to the CBC about or troops abusing the Taliban POW’s which ended up as a LIE .

    Basically, Sheema Khan’s CAIR has a web of pro-jihad islamists within canada that use our system to get Tax-free money , along with inciting youth to Jihad, which can be legally sent out of canada to fund terrorism as we saw in 2008 by the FBI trial.

    CAIR changed it’s name and now is close to Jihad Tory and Wynne as a moderate group fighting islamophobia in Toronto .
    Con-Job Khan jumped ship from CAIR and now lies one more time that she had NOTHING to do with CAIR and Hamas terrorism funding. The CBC kept using her and she still had her OP-ED at the G&M for taqiyyah because the useful idiots in Toronto are abound in the media.
    I did notice that Khan now has found a new useful idiot in the Media which is TVO that loves to parade around her and the Homophobic pro-sharia Imam that is saw in one of his videos about how evil homosexuals are where allah wants them killed.
    Her new Employer in Ottawa has no clue about this jew-hating sunni muslim that supports hamas and LIED during an Inquiry to aid and abet in a scheme to get Tax-free money for jihad via extortion that got Arar $10.2 million when he never wanted to go into a REAL Courtroom and risk perjury for the series of LIES. Plus… it was Omar Khadr that todl the media that he saw Mhaer Arar in a al-qaeda training camp while in Afghanistan pre-9/11 which makes sense because Arar’s Boston home was near one of the Airports used on 9/11 as well as his ties tot he Boston mosque.

    One of the CAIR meetings that was posted on CAIR’s website for the DC Office had Nihad Awad on the list and Dr.Sheema Khan ( Canada).
    How the F did she get away with not one person in the CBC or at the STAR find what I found out about her fro ma simple Google search to prove she LIED about not being linked to Nihad Awad’s CAIR DC when she was at the meeting with him in DC over a CAIR issue?????

    Muslims must assume that because our leaders are village idiots too stupid to read a quran and research islamic org’s tied to terrorists groups that all of the voters are idiots.
    Justin only won with 39% which is about right for the moron votes .