Pew: Clinton vs Trump = highest voter interest in history

Washington Examiner:

They don’t care much for either Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton, but there is the most interest in the 2016 presidential election in 24 years and three out of four voters believe that “it really matters” who wins, according to a new survey.

Pew Research Service said in a report issued Thursday that voter engagement in the campaign is the highest it has seen since it began testing interest. More.

Reality check: A friend in the Caribbean wrote to ask me about Trump and Brexit. I replied (slightly edited):

Canadian historians have told me that if Clinton wins, the United States is over, for all practical purposes. Like Rome, it would appear to continue for centuries, but actually be rotted out.

Remember Richard Nixon? Nixon could be indicted. That’s why he quit. Everyone suspects that Clinton can’t be indicted, no matter what she did. What does that tell us?

Clinton will probably bring a level of criminality to the highest levels of US government that is better suited to Soviet Shattabanana. That would likely include the use of the armed forces to enforce the criminality.

A key problem is that about half of Americans are not taxpayers and increasing numbers are not even workers. True here in Canada too. I don’t think that representative democracies can be any better than the people they represent.

Just for example: Back when my parents’ families were farming tough spots in Saskatchewan, the government would never have dared come in and tell the Catholic church’s schools what they were allowed to teach about fornication or gay sex. Now it can and does. And the church accepts it because it needs the money to pay union staff. Back in the days when nuns did the teaching, money was barely an issue.

But back then, our people were feeding the government, not the other way round. Hey, get the flowthrough straight and we understand much!

A growing proportion of the population across the West is not interested in traditional liberties, as set out with brilliant economy in the US First Amendment and grandfathered in our ECL jurisdictions: freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc.

There is now growing hostility to such freedoms (a herd bellow against democracy) in favour of free abortions, free sex with minors, free pot, free tattoos, and a right not to feel offended. Such people can be governed approximately as cattle are, with a handful of hay and a prod.

I see Brexit as a serious attempt to counter that, to say that England really started with Magna Carta and never needed the EU (which was okay until the inevitable stupidification set in, but now … ).

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