New German Legislation Unlikely To End Migrant Rape Epidemic

The German parliament has approved changes to the criminal code that expand the definition of rape and make it easier to deport migrants who commit sex crimes.

Under the bill, also known as the “No Means No” (“Nein heißt Nein”) law, any form of non-consensual sex will now be punishable as a crime. Previously, only cases in which victims could show that they physically resisted their attackers were punishable under German law.

The changes, which were prompted by the sex attacks in Cologne, where hundreds of women were assaulted by mobs of mostly Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve, is being hailed as a “paradigm shift” in German jurisprudence.

But the reforms, which are designed to make it easier for victims of sexual assault to file criminal complaints, are unlikely to end Germany’s migrant rape epidemic.

  • V10_Rob

    All very well, but first you have to rescind the orders to the police to ignore that a crime has even occurred.

  • Hard Little Machine

    At least some of this could be addressed with box cutters.

  • Gary

    Trudeau bashed Harper for the plan to build more Prisons , but at the rate Justin is bring in rapefugees from islamic hell-holes he better build Prisons just for the muslims and put a Gold Dome on them because there will be more Muslims in the prisons that Mosques .