Massacre in Dallas

Last night, in Dallas, 11 police officers were shot by a sniper team in the heart of the city following what the media has described as a peaceful protest against police brutality. So far, five of the officers have died and seven others are hospitalized. The massacre in Dallas seems like a new front in what Heather Mac Donald has dubbed the war on cops—this time, a shooting war. A group called The Black Power Political Organization has taken credit for the assassinations on Facebook and promised more to come. It’s not clear whether these claims are legitimate.

With three years of persistent slander directed against the nation’s cops, murderous violence such as occurred on the streets of Dallas last night was all but inevitable.

  • Gary

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    • El Martyachi

      That’s happening already apparently.

    • bob e

      agree. not many educated blacks with common sense ..
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  • PC liberal politics causes and stops discussion of the problem.

    Young black males kill the majority of murdered young black males.

    Blacks will not help the police track down these killers. (Snitches get stitches.)

    More liberals, blaming honkies won’t fix the problem.