Mark Steyn on the base vs the elite

Steyn Online:

As I remarked re the Republican Party on Rush the other week, it’s a lot easier for the base to get itself a new elite than for the elite to find itself a new base. More.

Reality check: Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the bases they used to have. The Republicans once represented small independent business and professionals, armed forces and veterans, etc. People who did not need the government just to live. The Dems represented, typically, workers and intellectuals, both of whom needed the government much more.

Today, the Republicans represent big donor corps whose interest lies in replacing the Republican base with overseas sweatshops, temp foreign workers, robots, and migrants. The Dems’ base is, increasingly, entitled and aggrieved people who don’t work and the intellectuals who play to them as a crowd.

The difference, of course, is that, under the present circumstances, the Dems’ base can only grow and the Republicans’ base can only shrink.

I believe we will need a new type of political party, one that represents the traditional Republican (or Conservative) base.

That was the point demonstrated by the Trump candidacy. No one wanted Trump except the base, but the base doesn’t want the Republican Party any more. And it shouldn’t.

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