Mark Steyn on the base vs the elite

Steyn Online:

As I remarked re the Republican Party on Rush the other week, it’s a lot easier for the base to get itself a new elite than for the elite to find itself a new base. More.

Reality check: Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the bases they used to have. The Republicans once represented small independent business and professionals, armed forces and veterans, etc. People who did not need the government just to live. The Dems represented, typically, workers and intellectuals, both of whom needed the government much more.

Today, the Republicans represent big donor corps whose interest lies in replacing the Republican base with overseas sweatshops, temp foreign workers, robots, and migrants. The Dems’ base is, increasingly, entitled and aggrieved people who don’t work and the intellectuals who play to them as a crowd.

The difference, of course, is that, under the present circumstances, the Dems’ base can only grow and the Republicans’ base can only shrink.

I believe we will need a new type of political party, one that represents the traditional Republican (or Conservative) base.

That was the point demonstrated by the Trump candidacy. No one wanted Trump except the base, but the base doesn’t want the Republican Party any more. And it shouldn’t.

See also: No, Rona. It’s about YOU I am continually pestered by fundraising whines from the Conservative Party (the zombie Progressive Conservatives) who will never govern again and never should.

  • adam

    I’d go so far as to argue that there really isn’t much daylight between Dem and Republican elites, particularly on the most important issue of the day. The Republicans want massive immigration (cheap labor) and the Democrats do as well (new voters).

    Even on foreign policy, the Democrat and Republican elites are close. The Dems want a strong Iran (to destroy Israel) and the Republicans do as well (sell lots of stuff to the Mullahs).

    What’s interesting is that Republican and Democrat elites share many of the same goals, but for different reasons. For the Dems, it’s about power or strategic goals. For Republicans, it’s mostly about cash.

    How will this play out? I don’t think it’s a certainty that the US remains whole (Texit or Calexit, anyone?). These political arrangements don’t exist in perpetuity (just as the Soviet Union or the EU).

    • Power beats mere cash.

      • Alain

        Indeed when you have the power you can forcibly take the cash from others.

    • P_F

      Absolutely true.

  • FactsWillOut

    workers need the government more than the armed forces.

    • FactsWillOut: The armed forces can, by definition, defend themselves if they have to. Historically in the US, they voted Republican, so far as I know. To me it makes basic sense.

  • adam

    The Republican intellectual elite clearly prefers Hillary. The National Review continues to bash Trump. Initially, they argued that Trump wasn’t a conservative, so they favored this or that other candidate. Clearly, Clinton is not a conservative, so why not support Trump now?

    I think it’s pretty clear that Clinton better represents the interests of the Republican intellectual and donor classes than Trump, especially when it comes to immigration. It’s mostly about the money for Republicans at this point, but they’d clearly rather have dinner with Hillary than Trump.

    • You are quite right.

    • Exactly so.

    • Unfortunately, I fear that that is why Hill will win. The dependents give her a base insofar as, under the current political system, each counts as a vote, American or otherwise. But then she must feed, clothe and house them, and buy them pot. The big donors will give her money. Look at the assets they can acquire and the favourable terms under which they can acquire them! The Dem base will just have to live with whatever welfare is handed out.

      • adam

        Trump, despite all the media bashing, is dead even in Pennsylvania, and just slightly behind in Ohio. This is a highly unusual election in that Trump has connected with working class voters. My question is, will he manage to attract some Hispanic and Black working class voters, as well.

        I think the whole Black Lives Matter crap is an attempt to beat Blacks back into the Dem fold. They did it with Trayvon Martin before 2012 election, and tried but failed to do it with Ferguson before the 2014 midterms.

        No doubt Soros dirty fingers are at work here.

  • Cat-astrophe

    There can be no trust in any career politician.
    It is especially worrisome to see them leave federal politics and turn their sights on the province of their origin.
    They come armed with the federal strategy of destroying the country from within and work their magic on the provincial level. Like Jim Prentice did to Alberta in tandem with Brian Jean. It forced Albertans to elect a protest party.
    Jason Kenny wants to do some more damage.
    My lane departure warning is going off…..beep…..beep…..beep…

    • adam

      Canada’s in the process of “electing a new people.”

      I don’t think Canada, which is held together by the thinnest of filaments, will necessarily survive as a political arrangement, either. Britain may merely be the first in a series of devolutions. In fact, the example of Britain may very well encourage other exits.

  • adam

    Election postponement?

    I think that, if it becomes clear that Trump will win, the DC in-crowd (on both sides of the aisle) might conspire to “postpone” the election until cooler heads prevail. The media would be summoned to explain why this is completely necessary, ie because some (fabricated) crisis makes it so. Or, perhaps they might claim that Trump would be a dictator, so it’s imperative that he be kept from office.

  • Clausewitz

    I’ve said all along that this election is not about Republicans vs Democrats, but between Elites and the Proles. If the serfs of the US finally rise up to action, the Elites will not even be able to count on their own defense infrastructure to cover their asses. May you live in interesting times.