Imam denigrates Christians at Presbyterian meet?

From Robert Spencer at PJ Media

The Presbyterian Church (USA) — one of the nation’s foremost mainline Protestant churches and the largest Presbyterian body in the country — recently convened in Portland, Oregon, for its 222nd General Assembly. Its “first order of business” was to commemorate the victims of the Orlando jihad massacre at the Pulse nightclub, as well as those killed last year at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The assembled Presbyterians no doubt thought they were being wonderfully open-minded and ecumenical: a Muslim praying to Allah and invoking Muhammad as a prophet at their General Assembly right after the Orlando jihad massacre! Had there been a more thrilling demonstration of fashionable leftism anywhere since members of the Black Panthers attended upscale dinner parties in the late ’60s?

While the happy Presbyterians were congratulating themselves on their edginess and willingness to stand up to The Man, they didn’t realize that Wajdi Said was not offering a universal prayer of interfaith harmony.

He was actually openly proselytizing for Islam — and denigrating Christianity. More.

Reality check: Right. So? The Presbyterians are a pro-abortion church and will soon have no Sunday schools. Most of us would rather they went out by graying rather than by assisted suicide or violence, but time will tell.

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