Grand Mufti of Australia proves we are right to be alarmed

THE Grand Mufti of Australia has just proved that Pauline Hanson is right to feel threatened by Islam in this country.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammad has written an astonishing letter warning that to criticise even a gay-hating imam is to risk inciting terrorist attacks against us.

His inflammatory letter perfectly demonstrates why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a fool to hold an Iftar dinner for the Mufti and other troubling Muslim leaders during the election campaign.

  • ismiselemeas

    That’s the same bloke who called Australian women pieces of meat.

    • Martin B

      They’re all the same really, but this guy is Grand Mufti #3. The holocaust denying “uncovered meat” Mufti who got caught on camera vandalizing his own mosque was Grand Mufti #1:

  • Hard Little Machine

    Drone strike him

  • HRT

    Add a dorsal fin to this creature and the picture is complete.