German Public Say “Auf Wiedersehen” To “Refugees Welcome”

A new study has revealed that German attitudes towards mass migration have dramatically shifted and that the era of “Refugees Welcome” may be coming to an end.

Germany has come a long way since the start of the migrant crisis last year that saw scenes of German men and women welcoming migrants at train stations, cheering them on and handing out teddy bears and food.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Too late – the administrative processes are too far along. What you want is just buyer’s remorse and you’ll take them and like it.

  • PaulW

    What I found particularly interesting was the fact that foreign-born respondents were opposed to mass immigration (and for some questions, more opposed than native Germans). This says to me that regardless of their reasons for coming to Germany in the first place (hijra or not) they do recognize that it is to their advantage to have fewer newcomers ( too many immigrants could threaten socialized benefits – health care, etc.).

    Possibly a few of them even see some value in Western culture/freedoms and don’t particularly want to watch Germany turned into another failed islamic state, similar to whatever nation they originally came from.

  • Martin B

    They need to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to Merkel and the entire German political establishment.

  • simus1

    Germans usually wind up choosing terrible political leaders or having terrible ones imposed on them, with just a few startling exceptions. The fact most have had a fairly good touch when it comes to economics is equally puzzling.
    Someone should write a book to honestly explain the conundrum and the German government should furnish every citizen with a free copy.

  • roccolore

    They wanted Muslim rapists, now realize they’re too late.